P2Engine academic edition

P2Engine is targeted at academia doing research in the field of Project Management. Since OR-AS wishes to support research in the best possible way, we offer a free license to this type of user. We offer these academic edition software licenses to "Qualified Educational Users" free of charge. These licenses are valid for a limited period and can be renewed. The software licensed as "Academic Edition" is fully functional, and full technical support is included. 

How to qualify as a Qualified Educational User?

OR-AS requires appropriate identification for educational orders, prior to delivering the free software. Appropriate identification requires the submission of documents to proof the valididy of the academic edition submission. Therefore, a photocopy of a valid and current student ID must be provided that includes the student's name, date, and a photograph. If the student does not have such an ID, he or she must provide a photocopy of a valid photo ID and one of the following items:
  • Non-photo student ID with name and date
  • School transcript indicating name of school and student
  • School tuition bill indicating name of school and student
  • Report card indicating name of school and student
  • Other dated proof of enrollment

These documents should be digitalized and uploaded during the authentication process.

Register as a Qualified Educational User?

Click here to request a fully functional academic version.