The Project Scheduling Game (PSG) Suite

The PSG Suite License

The Project Scheduling Game (PSG) can be bought as an academic or business PSG Suite which can be used by Project Management lecturers and their students in university, business school or commercial trainings. A PSG Suite License includes the following PSG editions:
1. PSG Teacher Edition: The teacher edition is only for personal use to create PSG projects and to play the game and can be installed on only one machine. During installation, you need to enter your serial number to request a release code that will be sent to you.
  • PSG Creator module: This module is your personal version to create PSG projects that can be used by any PSG simulator module.
  • PSG Simulator module: This module is your personal version to play the PSG and will be installed automatically upon installation of the PSG Creator module.
The PSG teacher edition can be downloaded from your personal support page and has no expiring date.
2. PSG Student Edition: The student edition only contains the PSG simulator module and can be distributed among your students or put on a university server in order to allow them to play the game. The PSG student edition can be downloaded by the students from a webpage using a master serial key which will be provided to the PSG Suite owner upon registration of a course. The student edition is only valid for one Project Management course and expires two months after installation.

PSG Suite Installation

Step 1. Order a PSG Suite license using the OR-AS Order Form (hard copy or online).
Step 2. The PSG Suite owner receives a user name and login to access his/her personal support page.
Step 3. The PSG Teacher edition can be downloaded from the personal support page and installed on his/her machine.
Step 4. The PSG Suite owner can register a course by adding course information (number of students, course date) to request a master serial key for the PSG Student edition.
Step 5. A mail will be sent to the PSG Suite owner for the requested course containing a web link and a master serial key that can be forwarded by the PSG Suite owner to the students.
Step 6. Students can now download the PSG Student edition and install the game by entering the master serial key and a valid email address. They will automatically receive a release code to unlock the installed version. This PSG Student edition holds for only one Project Management course and expires after two months.

Playing the PSG in other courses

An academic PSG Suite license costs € 599 and includes one Teacher edition and an server licence for your students (Student editions). While the Teacher edition never expires, the Student editions are only valid for a single training day, and must be renewed. Therefore, a PSG Suite owner can register additional courses at any time to play the game with another group of students (step 4). Each course registration involves an extra payment of € 599 to buy a new master serial key to play the game with another group. Steps 5 and 6 are similar as described above to distribute the PSG Student edition to the students.
A business PSG Suite license costs € 599 for maximum 10 students. Extra students (> 10) are charged at € 30 per person. This license is valid for only one course.